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Rock Wool Purification Box Panel Production Line

Rock Wool Purification Box Panel Production Line

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Main features and advantages of production line

The continuous production line of rock wool purification box panel is a semi-automatic continuous production line integrating mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and HCFC polyurethane chemical polymerization technology, and composed of multiple units. The production line adopts international and domestic advanced roll forming technology, HCFC polyurethane (chemical) foaming technology, composite transmission technology, frequency conversion vector technology and hydraulic control technology. The whole line only needs 10 to 13 operators to operate normally. The production line is characterized by:

1. High degree of automation. The whole machine adopts a complete set of independently developed computer integrated control technology, such as numerical control servo, frequency conversion vector and temperature control. The control system implements distributed control management for each single machine, which is characterized by decentralized control and centralized management. Because it is decentralized control, it can disperse the danger, greatly reduce the danger to the whole system in case of a certain point of failure, and has beautiful overall appearance and convenient operation. The automatic monitoring is realized, which can not only meet the safe operation of the system and ensure various technical indexes of the system, but also realize the automatic control and management of the equipment to the greatest extent.

2. High production efficiency. Its production speed is 3 ~ 6m / min and its annual production capacity can reach 850000 square meters. (calculated by 300 working days and 10 hours per day per year).

3. The forming edges and corners of box plate shape are small, and the forming fillet can reach R1 2~R1. 5. It can prevent dust and has a more beautiful appearance.

4. The upper and lower belts adopts the form of chain plate (length 1300mm * width 200mm). Through hot air circulation heating, the upper and lower chain plates can be heated evenly to reach the working temperature of 45 ~ 70 degrees, which can be adjusted, and the temperature control tolerance is + - 3 degrees. The chain plate made of alloy steel plate can be replaced or repaired quickly (interchangeability). The upper and lower belts of conventional equipment are in the form of steel belt, and the heat transfer oil is heated by U-shaped pipe. The heating is uneven and the temperature is uncontrollable. It will affect the curing of the box panel, which will produce marks on the surface and affect the appearance.

5. The upper and lower belts adopt a main drive motor to mechanically ensure the synchronous walking of the upper and lower belts; A guide with a length of 10 meters is installed on the left and right of the belt inlet, and the width is easy to adjust to ensure that the purification panel does not deviate from the left and right.

6. The rock wool line is easy to operate, adopts the computer integrated control technology with comprehensive functions, and uses the computer man-machine interface to input the operation parameters required by the production line of each functional section on the premise that the raw materials and production of each part are ready. The whole line only needs ten to thirteen operators to complete the whole production and operation process, so as to keep the equipment in normal operation and greatly reduce the labor cost of production management and personnel.

Video of Rock wool purification box panel production line

Rock wool purification box panel is a factory manufactured product. Its appearance quality and various physical and chemical performance indexes can be effectively controlled in the factory; Therefore, rock wool purification box panel will be more widely used in medicine, food and building insulation systems.

The continuous production line of rock wool purification box panel is a multi-functional semi-automatic production line integrating many technologies such as machinery, chemical industry, electric control, hydraulic pressure, pneumatic and temperature control. The production formation process is formed by artificially filling the upper and lower surface materials with rock wool core materials, moving forward at a uniform speed through the crawler, where polymerization occurs and then bonded together.

Production line parameter

Sandwich panel specification:

Length: 2000--10000 mm

PU sandwich panel width: 1198/1178/978 mm, see PU sandwich panel line.

Purification box panel thickness: 50mm/75mm/100mm


Rock wool

Single glass wool

Double glass wool













Raw material specification:

Rock wool raw material: (1000-1800) mm ×(40--100mm) × 85mm (L x W x H)

The thickness of steel plate: 0.4 ~ 0.7 mm (no obvious unevenness, concave-convex, deformation and side bending of steel plate)

Yield strength of steel plate: 235mpa -- 300mpa

Production line specification:

Line speed: 3 -- 6 m / min (adjustable)

Total length of production line: About 75 m

Working height: 1200 mm (plate height)

Effective length of double belt: 24 m (total length 25 m)

Control mode: Imported PLC control is adopted

Total installed power: About 100 kW (excluding electric heating power of 300 kW)

Power Supply: 380V / 3Ph / 50Hz

Control voltage: 24 V/220 V

Air supply pressure: 0.7 MPa (prepared by the Buyer)

Composition of continuous production line of rock wool purification box panel

The continuous production line of rock wool purified box panel mainly consists of steel plate hard surface decoiler, forming machine (with filming, front and rear bending and cutting device), box panel conveying system, box panel glue spraying system, glass magnesium panel feeding system, glass magnesium panel cutting system, glass magnesium panel glue spraying system, glass magnesium panel conveying system, box panel turnover system, horizontal traverse, (box panel) feeding deviation prevention device, double belt, double belt heating system, stacking system and other equipments.

Production process flow

Color steel purification box panel:

Steel coil loading - filming - leveling - trimming - punching - forming - cutting and flanging - plate chasing roller table - box panel glue spraying - roller table conveying - frame aggregate - rock wool material (reinforcement, pipe embedding) - box panel 180 ° turnover - box plate alignment and cover - horizontal lateral movement - left and right alignment - heating and curing in double belts – output from double belts(3-6mins) - stacking of laminated panel - glue cleaning - packaging - warehousing

Glass magnesium plate purification box panel:

Stacking and feeding of glass magnesium plate -- suction cup suck up plate -- lifting -- traveling and transverse movement -- the suction cup releases the plate and enters the plate chasing roller table -- fixed length cutting of glass magnesium plate (leaving 50mm not cut) -- glass magnesium plate transportation -- glue spraying of glass magnesium plate -- roller table transportation -- frame aggregate placement -- manual placement of glass magnesium plate into the main line -- rock wool material placement (reinforcement, pipe embedding) -- 180 ° turnover of glass magnesium plate -- box panel alignment and cover -- horizontal and transverse movement -- left and right guide -- heating and curing of double belts-----(3-6 minutes) out of the double belt - stacking of laminated panels - glue cleaning - packaging - warehousing

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