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EPS Sandwich Panel Production Line

EPS Sandwich Panel Production Line

EPS Sandwich Panel Production Line

Main structure features of EPS Sandwich Panel Machine

1) This EPS sandwich panel making machine has the specification: nice appearance, low noise and high efficiency.

2) The EPS sandwich panel production line is welded by H-beam with shot blasting treatment on the surface, so the whole structure is simple and stable.

3) Consecutive laminating body transmission of the EPS sandwich panel making machine adopts worm and worm gear in order to control the producing speed steadily. The consecutive laminating body can cut to length with the advanced frequency control.

4) The EPS sandwich panel machine is equipped with three groups heating system to adapt the environmental temperature in different places.

5) Glue Providing system of our EPS panel machine is driven individually. The horizontal compound, glue evenly, without any pollution.

6) Consecutive laminating body is long to guarantee the flatness of the sandwich panel.

7) The moving stroke of the cutting system is long to extend the life of the cutting tool.

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Main Technical Parameter of EPS Sandwich Panel Production Line 

Specification of Sandwich panel produced by Jinggong sandwich panel making machine:

Length: Min cutting length is 2 m

              Max cutting length is 15m

Width: (see profile drawing)

Thickness: (see profile drawing)

Raw material specification:

coil thickness: 0.4~0.6 mm (steel be flat without ups and downs, deformation and bending)

sheet yield stress: ≤235MPa

coil max width: 1200 mm  (tolerance±2mm)

coil max weight: 4T

coil ID: Φ500 and Φ600 mm

coil OD: Φ1000 mm

EPS material: density is≥18㎏/m3, unstraight of each side ≤1㎜/m, curve ≤3㎜/m, surface be even, unevenness smaller than 1.5mm/m, EPS material single piece length more than 3m.

Material suitable shape: see profile drawing

Material suitable width: minimum shall be 1/2mm of the finished panel width.

EPS panel production line specification:

Work line speed: 1000-3000mm/min (frequency speed adjustment).Attention: depending on glue brand, temperature and proficiency of operators.

Machine length: about 40 m

Working height: 1050 mm(panel output height)

Laminating effective length: 7.5m

Control way: adopt industrial computer PLC

Total power: about 35 kw

Power: 380V/3phase/50 Hz

control voltage: 24 V/110 V/220 V

pneumatic: 0.7 Mpa  (self-prepared by the factory)

best working temperature: around 25℃

Main Structure Components Of EPS Sandwich Panel Production Line 


This EPS sandwich panel line consists of one roll forming machine and one laminating machine. It adopts international roll forming technology, laminating transmission technology, air-actuated and electric & hydraulic control technology. The whole EPS panel production line only needs 6 or 7 workers.

The whole sandwich panel machine line consists of two parts: roll forming part and laminator part.

1) Roll forming part

The roll forming machine consists of a hydraulic uncoiler, guiding system, filming system, flat sheet slitting system, roll forming system, panel support frame, assistant forming machine and so on. 

2) Laminating body

This part consists of a guiding device, laminating body, cutting system, glue feeding system, support device and electric control system, etc.

Panel Drawings Of EPS Sandwich Panel Production Line

eps sandwich panel making machine
eps sandwich panel machine price

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