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Storage Rack Column & Beam Production Line

Storage Rack Column & Beam Production Line

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Storage Rack Column & Beam Production Line is a combination of mechanical, electronic & hydraulic systems, with high performance, automatic and other performance of the roll forming production line, composed of decoiler, leveler, punching, roller forming, cutting, etc. (Specific size and tolerance to be determined through consultation)

Working flow: Decoiling →Leveling→Servo feeding→Punching→Roll forming→Straightening→Cutting→Output

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Video of Storage Rack Column & Beam Production Line

Technical parameter of Storage Rack Column & Beam Production Line

Suitable materialThickness(mm)1.52.0, 2.5, 3.01.5

Yield stress (Mpa)≤235Mpa≤235Mpa≤235Mpa

Coil width(mm)As actualAs actualAs actual
2Working speed (m/min)About 8-9About 7-86m as standardAbout 3-4Without cutting
3Leveler motor power(KW)3Depend on actual design43Depend on actual designDepend on actual design
4Leveler motor power(KW)3Depend on actual design4Depend on actual design3Depend on actual design
5Servo motor power(KW)3Depend on actual design5Depend on actual design//
6Punch motor power(KW)18.5Depend on actual design18.5Depend on actual design//
7Forming motor power(KW)11Depend on actual design22Depend on actual design15Depend on actual design
8Hydraulic motor power(KW)5.5Depend on actual design7.5Depend on actual design//
9Cutting motor power(KW)////7.5Depend on actual design
10Mainframe hydraulic station power(KW)////5.5Depend on actual design
11Turning device power(KW)////3Depend on actual design
12Roll forming & occlusion Power(KW)////3Depend on actual design
13Transport motor power(KW)////1.1Depend on actual design
14Welding group total power(KW)////50Depend on actual design
15Hydraulic station total power(KW)////7.5Depend on actual design
16Total power(KW)41Depend on actual design57Depend on actual design99.6Depend on actual design
17Power sourceAC380V,50Hz,3PAs per customer requirementsAC380V,50Hz,3PAs per customer requirementsAC380V,50Hz,3PAs per customer requirements

Working Process Layout Of Storage Rack Column & Beam Production Line Download


Main parameters

1) Decoiling type: Passiveness

2) Loading capacity:≤3t

3) Coil width:300mm

4)  Coil OD: <φ1300

5)  Coil ID: φ508mm

6) Outside dimension:1.3m×1.1 m×1.2 m

Main structure

1)  The decoiler adopts passive and cantilever type

2)The frame is welded with profiles and steel plates and treated by shot blasting

3)The inner support plate is opened along the radial direction by adjusting the pull rod and connecting rod device manually to tension the coil

4)Before the work, worker uses hoisting equipment to hoist the coil into the decoiler and tighten the inner hole. In normal operation, the plate is dragged by manually and fed into the roll forming system, then the coil will be dragged by the roller into the roll forming system continuously when the machine produce normally


It consists of several conveyor rolls and seven leveling rolls; it will greatly improve the flatness of the panel. In order to get best leveling, the space between the rolls can be adjusted according to different panel thickness.

1. Leveling roll:7 rolls

2. Leveling roll material:60CrMoV or GCr15(HRC56-60)

3. Leveling effective width:≤300mm

Function: According to the requirements of variable step feed to the punching machine to meet the requirements of punching

Structure:2 pairs of feeding rolls, adopt spring press, pneumatic feed, servo motor control


Panel thickness: 1-2mm

Feeding length:  As actual requirement

Feeding roll material: 9Cr2Mo, hardness HRC55-60。

Feeding speed:  25m/min

Feeding precision: ±0.3mm/step

Servo feeding
Servo feeding

Function: According to the requirements of variable step feed to the punching machine to meet the requirements of punching

Structure: 2 pairs of feeding rolls, adopt spring press, pneumatic feed, servo motor control


Panel thickness:2.0-3.0mm

Feeding length:  As actual requirement

Feeding roll material: 9Cr2Mo, hardness HRC55-60。

Feeding speed:  25m/min

Feeding precision: ±0.3mm/step

Punching device
Punching device

Function: Adopt open fixed press machine to finish punching process(Includes 4 types of punching mould).


Nominal force:25T

Number of strokes: Fixed 100 times/min(Will be faster if customization)

Mould material:DC53(HRC(60-62)。

The control part adopts programmable logic controller (PLC) for centralized control, effectively ensuring the reliability of the electronic control part.

Equipped with two-hand operation button and foot switch, etc., to achieve continuous, single and inching operation specifications

Roll forming system
Roll forming system

1)Cold roll forming system consist of machine frame, transmission parts and roll forming rollers etc.

2)Machine frame adopts welding structure with blasting treatment.

3)The roller adopts Cr12 material, with quenching treatment.

4)The roller axle adopts 45 steel after quenching and tempering treatment,the supporting structure form is the casting column type.5)5) Main driving type:Main motor →Gear reducer→ Reducer → Coupler→ Lower roller shaft

(Part of the upper and lower rollers are driven by gears)

6)Adjusting the upper and lower roller gap by hand screw,in order to adapt to the plate with different thickness.

Straightening device
Straightening device

The straightening device is mainly set to improve the flatness of the sheet after forming and is determined according to the actual needs.

Cutting system
Cutting system

1)Adopts welded frame for good rigidity.

2)Adopts hydraulic shearing with cylinder return to the origin.

3) Cutting power is provided by hydraulic system.

4)Cutting will produce waste.

Turning & buckling system
Turning & buckling system

The main function of the system is to turn the two profiles together and then push them into the next process. The structure can reduce labor input and improve production efficiency and safety.

Roll forming & occlusion system

The system is composed of some rollers to occlude two profiles after turning

Transport and output system

The system consists of three parts: power conveyor, horizontal pushing device and sliding packing frame. The system has two main modes. Mode 1 is output mode. If there is no need for subsequent welding operation, the material can be discharged separately in the production of beam profile. Manual material is taken from the position where the profile is pushed out horizontally to the sliding test packaging frame through the lateral pushing device and the horizontal pushing cylinder. Mode 2 is feeding in the latter process.

Welding Group(with stacking function)
Welding Group(with stacking function)

The welding group consists of beam feeding mechanism, two L-shaped plate feeding robots, four welding robots and one finished product feeding robot. Welding machine type : Fronius TPS 5000.

The system grabs the profiles provided by the transport system and enters the welding line for welding. The L profiles on both sides need to be manually placed in the designated position and then the robot automatically feeds the materials. Welding product length no less than 1m.

Finished products support table
Finished products support table

The support table is composed of a tiltable bracket and a tilting bracket. The total length of the device is 12m.

When the finished product is sent from the main machine to the tiltable bracket, it will be cut off after reaching a certain length. The host machine sends a signal, and the cylinder action makes the tiltable bracket tilt. Under the action of the workpiece's dead weight, the finished product will slide down to the packaging platform automatically through the tilting bracket. Tilting bracket can be automatically returned.

When the finished product workpiece slides from the finished product bracket to the packaging platform, it shall be stacked neatly and stored in a certain number of finished products by the manual, and then the finished products shall be packed and taken away by the manual.

Note: this system needs the air source provided by the customer. The air pressure shall not be less than 0.5mpa. The flow rate shall not be less than 0.5 cubic meters per minute; The air source should be dry and clean.

Electrical system

1)Adopts PLC control technology, frequency adjust speed technology, realize the automatic production.

2)System provide good man and machine screen, which can set the bataches, plate length, and quantities.

3)Operation type: Touch screen+button.

4)Encoder calculate the number, which has calculation and measure the length function.

5)The signal switch and measuring element are imported

6)PLC adopts MITSUBISHI or similar brands

7)Frequency converter adopts MITSUBISHI or Danfoss or similar brands.

8)Encoder adopts OMRON or similar brands.

9)Low voltage electrical part adopts Schneider.

Hydraulic system

1)The Hydraulic system provides power for uncoiling and cutting system mainly.

2)Composed of motor oil pump, hydraulic valve, pressure gauge, filter, etc.

3)The main use of BOSCH Rexroth hydraulic valve.

4)Oil pressure medium adopts 46# anti-wear hydraulic oil.

Pneumatic system

The main use of AIRTAC pneumatic components.

Profiles' parameters of Storage Rack Column & Beam Production Line

Profiles' parameters of HCM-55 Storage Rack Column Production Line


Profiles' parameters of HCM-120 Storage Rack Column Production Line

Profiles' parameters of HCM-160 Storage Rack Beam Production Line







Profiles of Storage Rack Column & Beam Production Line

Profiles of Storage Rack Column Production Line



Profiles of Storage Rack Beam Production Line


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