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Sandwich Panel Line

Sandwich Panel Line

Sandwich panel lines are widely applied in the protection and decoration of outside wall for tall building and first-class office building. Sandwich panel production machinery includes pu sandwich panel machine can protect, keep warm and flame retarding. The sandwich panel production line in Jinggong can mainly produce roof panels and wall panels.

Here is the manufacturing process of sandwich panel production line:

Decoiler transverse location---Lifting stage move outside---coil hoisting—lifting stage move inside (To outside position)---Lifting stage rise (Coil center arrive at the decoiler axle center)----Lifting stage car move (To inside position)---Decoiler axle expanding (---Pressing-arm press tightly)----Lifting stage reset position---decoiler uncoiling material

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Sandwich Panel Line-FAQs

What are the highlights of Jinggong's sandwich panel machinery?

The highlight of Jinggong's sandwich panel making machine is that our machine is able to produce a sandwich panel of great quality, including flame-retardant and sound insulation, and its production process is also environment friendly and efficient.

What are the technical advantages of the sandwich pane production line?

The sandwich panel equipment has a highly integrated and linkage control system, which centralizes all control points in the main control center, realizes the parameter linkage and fault self diagnosis of the whole line control, and realizes the operation control. High level automation control system also saves manpower and reduces manpower loss for customers.

How about the energy consumption of the sandwich panel production line?

Our products are designed with high power and low energy consumption. The sandwich panel production line has fast reaction and low energy consumption. We adopt a new fully enclosed internal insulation design to control the energy consumption at a low level.

What's the main part of the sandwich panel machine line?

PU sandwich panel production line and Rock Wool sandwich panel line consists of Decoiler, Film & Cutting System, Roll Forming System, Heating System, Rock Wool System (Rock wool line) High-Pressure Foaming System (PU line), Double Belt System, Band Saw Cutting System, Cooling System (PU line), Packing System. 

EPS sandwich panel line consists of Feeding System, Roll Forming System, EPS guiding and feeding system, Heating system, Laminator, Glue Providing System, EPS Slotting Device, and Cutting System.

What's the raw material of the sandwich panel line?

Sandwich panel machine raw material includes: Pre-painted steel sheet, galvanized steel sheet, Aluminum sheet, thickness: 0.4-0.8mm; width: maximum 1250mm.

EPS core material: density is≥18kg/m3, unstraight of each side ≤1mm/m, curve ≤3mm/m, surface be even, unevenness smaller than 1.5mm/m, EPS material single piece length more than 3m.

What's the function of PU sandwich panel line, rock wool sandwich panel line and EPS sandwich panel line?

PU/Rock Wool sandwich panel line: This sandwich panel machine can produce the sandwich panel which is a new type of building material. Its products have the best function of heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, fire retardant, waterproof, environmental protection, etc.

EPS sandwich panel line: Through this sandwich panel production line, corrugated sandwich panels can be produced directly, without the shortcoming that the traditional corrugated sandwich panel has to be laminated manually after the forming of a corrugated sheet. Moreover, both the roll-forming machine and the laminating system can work independently.

What's the working speed of the sandwich panel production line?

PU line/Rock Wool sandwich panel line: 3-8m/min

EPS sandwich panel line: 1-6m/min

How long is the installation and commissioning period for the sandwich panel production line?

EPS sandwich panel line: 20-30 days; PU line/Rock Wool sandwich panel line: 45-60 days (According to different configurations). The customer needs to prepare the foundation and tools in advance.

What products can the sandwich panel production line produce?

Through different combination and configuration selection, and through simple switching, our sandwich panel machine line can easily produce roof sandwich panel, wall sandwich panel, cold storage sandwich panel and other products automatically. The inner core layer can be polyurethane, rock wool, glass wool and other different varieties.

What kind of sandwich panel machinery is needed to produce a variety of sandwich panels?

Our production line has high adaptability, and is able to produce various kinds of sandwich board including Pu, PIR and rock wool. It can produce reliable products according to customer's needs with various designs and a variety of configurations. Our sandwich panel machine can quickly meet customer demand, and the price system is also flexible.

Will the sandwich panel machinery equipment be easily affected by temperature?

Our equipment is designed with a high level of energy saving and protection, so that the whole production line has the possibility of all-weather production in four seasons, which would save the budget for our customers.

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