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Steel Bar Truss Production Line

Steel Bar Truss Production Line

steel truss machine

This production line consists of 5pcs of vertical steel bar decoiler, pre-straighten device, steel bar storage device, steel bar second straighten device, first-quarter steel bar rectifies device, steel bar bending device, steel bar transmission device, 200mm step distance fixed position device, steel bar welding device, web member footing bend device, steel bar cutting device, stacking device, electric system and hydraulic system, etc.

After calculation, the electricity cost per square meter for the final product is less than 1 Chinese Yuan. And we have two types of layout for the whole line, straight line or angle line, that we can design the layout as your plant.

Workpiece Parameters Of Steel Bar Truss Production Line

First quarter steel bar diameter: 6-14mm

Last quarter steel bar diameter: 5-14mm

Web member steel bar diameter: 4-6.5mm

The height between the first and last quarter: H=70-270mm

The height between last quarter and bottom: foot bend truss C=15-30mm; no foot bend truss: F=0-30mm

Bottom width: foot bend truss A=135-140mm; no foot bend truss D=60, 80mm

Foot bend width: B=30mm

Web member distance: T=200mm

Product Advantages Of Steel Bar Truss Production Line

Self-supported steel deck panel is a new type of steel structural building material developed for the steel construction industry in recent years. It's now widely applied in steel structural floor deck, bridge, railway and many other places. It's featured by light structure, high strength and factory production. This construction method of pouring concrete onto the steel deck can reduce site workload greatly and also shortens the construction period. The line's annual single-round production capacity reaches 300000 square meters.

Panel Drawings Of Steel Bar Truss Production Line

steel truss machine

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