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Multidimensional Factory

Equipment configuration: The polyurethane composite board production line is mainly composed of uncoiling system, lamination cutting, forming machine system, lower steel plate PIR adhesive ejection device, rock wool system, preheating device, foaming system auxiliary device, PU high pressure foaming system , double crawler system, double crawler heating system, cutting system, cooling and drying plate system, stacking system, packing system and other equipment; the rock wool system consists of hoist, slitting machine, 90° turning and aligning device, upper and lower rock wool It consists of glue spraying system, two-component low-pressure edge sealing and foaming system, side slotting and trimming device, dust suction device, conveying roller table and other equipment.

Project Overview: The product is mainly used in the steel structure enclosure system

Annual output: 1 million square meters

Total length of production line: 165 meters

Effective length of double track: 30 meters

Number of workers: 7-8

Crawler heating method: electric heating

Project advantages: The continuous production line of polyurethane rock wool composite panels integrates mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and HCFC polyurethane chemical polymerization technology and is a fully automatic continuous production line composed of multiple units. The production line adopts international and domestic advanced roll forming technology and HCFC polyurethane (chemical) foaming technology, composite transmission technology, frequency conversion vector technology and hydraulic control technology.

Project background: Building energy conservation is an important aspect of the national sustainable development and energy conservation and emission reduction strategy. Accelerating the promotion of building energy conservation work, improving the energy efficiency of buildings during use, and reducing greenhouse gas and harmful gas emissions are the key to building a conservation-minded society. important measure. Polyurethane rock wool composite board is a new type of wall building material with the best thermal insulation, heat insulation, flame retardant, sound insulation, waterproof, lightweight, environmental protection and other functions. It can be widely used in the outer wall enclosure and decoration of high-rise buildings and high-level office buildings.

Applications include railway and aviation industry, automobile industry, shipbuilding industry, electronics industry, power plant, chemical industry, cosmetics and food and pharmaceutical industry, food industry, logistics industry, real estate industry, stadiums, exhibition centers, supermarkets and other industries, Civil construction and other fields

Multidimensional Factory Multidimensional Factory Multidimensional Factory Multidimensional Factory Multidimensional Factory
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