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CNC Flame Cutting Machine

CNC Flame Cutting Machine

cnc flame cutting machine for sale

The flame cutting machine is a multifunctional thermal auto-cutting device combined microcomputer controlling, precise machinery and oxygen-acetylene gas cutting. Its CNC cutting torch can cut plates in an arbitrary shape. Several cutting torches that are used to cut strips are fixed on the other side. As the steel plate can be heated and cooled at the same time, the side-curve will eliminate once for all.

The main beam is whole press brake, welded and stress-relieved, with stable structure and good rigidity, and no deformation after a long time using. Servo motor, reducer decompression valve, gas pipe and solenoid valve, cutting torches are all international famous brands, ensuring the quality stable and reliable. 

For the raw material type it can cut, we can design as your requests. The delivery time of the machine is usually about 50 days. As a professional CNC flame cutting machine manufacturer in China, we can design and manufacture different specifications according to the different requirements of the client.

Technical Specifications for CNC Flame Cutting Machine



Rail span

4000-10000 mm

Rail length


Effective route

12500 mm

Cutting width

80-3200 mm

Cutting velocity

20-6000 mm/min (stepless speed variation)

Longitudinal strip cutting torch

9 groups

CNC cutting torch

2 groups

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