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H Beam Shot Blasting Machine

H Beam Shot Blasting Machine

H Beam Shot Blasting Machine

H-beam shot blasting machine is designed and manufactured to clean the surface of the section steel. It is ideally suited for removing the rust, scale and contamination from the steel surface, which can make the surface clean, bright but with a certain coarseness. So the paint film can attach to the steel surface more firmly, thus improving surface quality and the anti-corrosion capacity. Our H-beam shot blasting machine mainly consists of shot blasting chamber, workpiece transport system, shots circulation system, dust removing system, electrical control system, etc.

The length of this machine is about 31m; the height is less than 6.4m. The abrasive diameter is from 1.2 ~ 1.5mm, and the conveying speed is about 0.4~4.5m/min (Frequency conversion speed regulation). For the covering area, it takes about 15000×1000×1800mm.

As a famous H-beam shot blasting machine manufacturer in China, we can design and manufacture different specifications according to different requirements of the client. 

The components included of this production line:

1). shot blast cleaning chamber system

2). roller conveying system

3). pill material circulation system

4). dust removal system

5). electrical control system

Technical Specifications of H-beam Shot Blasting Machine



Accessible section dimensions(W×H×L)


Effective clean section area(W×H)



1.5~3 m/min

Surface cleanness A-B


Surface roughness


Impeller head

PD-11 impeller head


12 sets

Max. shot blast capacity


Special Features About H-beam Shot Blasting Machine

Our shot blasting machine is the pretreatment equipment for cleaning welded structures, H steel and shaped steel. It is mainly used to perform the function of shot blasting towards the surface of raw steel material, which can remove rusty scale, welding slag and roll scale on the surface, thus obtaining uniform metal luster. The shot blasting machine can not only improve the finishing quality and corrosion resistance of the steel plate, but also reduce labor intensity and environment pollution.

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