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Introduction of Roll Forming Machine Debugging Method

Introduction of Roll Forming Machine Debugging Method

Introduction of Roll Forming Machine Debugging Method


The steel produced by the roll forming machine belongs to the economical section and high-efficiency steel, which saves costs. It is widely used in cold form steel to replace hot roll steel and other varieties. In daily use, the molding machine must be debugged in accordance with the operating regulations to effectively improve the efficiency of the construction schedule.

The working principle of the roll forming machine is as follows. First, the door bracket in the auxiliary system is placed in the center of the two active rollers, and then the hydraulic system is followed so that the hydraulic cylinder will push the dovetail groove and the cold form roller to cold form the steel. During this process, when the desired arc is reached, the hydraulic system can be closed.

After commissioning, apply anti-rust oil on the sliding side of the cold bending machine from time to time to prevent the equipment from rusting. This is especially true when the equipment is not used for a long time. In addition, do not start the generator when there is no oil in the fuel tank to prevent damage to the machine itself.

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