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The Equipment of Colored Steel Sandwich Panel Machinery

The Equipment of Colored Steel Sandwich Panel Machinery

The Equipment of Colored Steel Sandwich Panel Machinery


The equipment of colored steel sandwich panel machinery is for the production of the sandwich board that is a bonded composite of two-layer colored coated steel plate and flame retardant EPS board. Due to its excellent performance, EPS colored steel sandwich panel is widely applied in the construction of large-scale industrial workshops, warehouses, gymnasiums, cold storages and sandwich layers, etc.

1. Production process and performance of sandwich panel machinery

The colored steel sandwich panel is bonded by three layers of materials by the EPS panel production line. The outer layer is made of high-density coated steel or decorative wooden plank. The core is a kind of low-density EPS board. And then the coated steel plate and EPS board are bonded together by a thermosetting adhesive. Common steel plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum plate or galvanized iron plate can be used as the outer metal plate. Or we can make the decorative plate outside while the metal plate inside, or the low carbon steel plate (or stainless steel plate) outside while the plastic composite plate (plastic coated steel plate) inside. EPS board is cut to the required thickness and bonded to the metal plate with a two-component polyurethane adhesive. Click for more info about the sandwich panel manufacturing process.

The colored steel sandwich panel has three advantages of heat preservation, water proofness and load-bearing, and is mainly used for the walls and roofs of buildings. Therefore, the quality of the three-layer materials of the colored steel sandwich panel will directly affect its service life, durability and building safety. Colored steel sandwich panel is a five-layer composite material, namely steel plate, glue, EPS board, glue, and steel plate. The thickness ratio of each layer is 0.5:0.3:100 (taking the usual thickness): 0.3:0.5.

2. Features of sandwich panel machinery

One of the features of the colored steel sandwich panel production machinery is that the plate connection is contacted by EPS board or filled with soft foam strip, in order to avoid the cold or heat bridges. The colored steel sandwich panel features large thermal resistance and small thermal conductivity, and its thermal resistance is 1/20 of the brick. In terms of the sound insulation principle, the sound insulation performance of the light density structure is poor. When high sound insulation capability is needed, other auxiliary measures should be taken, such as filling the double-layer wall with loose sound-absorbing material, strengthening the sealing of assembly seam, and so on. In terms of the fire resistance performance, the colored steel sandwich panel is composed of two layers of non-combustible material (steel plate) sandwiching with refractory material. The oxygen index value of combustion performance of flame-retardant EPS foam plate reaches above 30. The thickness of the outer steel plate is usually 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.75mm, etc., and the thickness of the upper and lower steel plate is the same. The core board is polystyrene foam, and its thickness is usually 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, etc. The thickness of adhesive that is used between the colored coated steel plate and the core plate is about 0.3mm.

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