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PU Sandwich Panel Line

PU Sandwich Panel Line

PU Sandwich Panel Line

A PU (polyurethane) sandwich panel line machine is a type of production line equipment used to manufacture insulated sandwich panels. Sandwich panels are commonly used in construction and building applications, particularly in roofing and wall systems, as they provide excellent thermal insulation, fire resistance, and soundproofing properties.

The PU sandwich panel line consists of several components, including an uncoiler, a roll forming machine, a feeding system, a cutting system, a PU injection machine, and a laminating system. The uncoiler unwinds the metal coils and feeds them into the roll-forming machine, which shapes them into the desired profile.

The feeding system then moves the formed metal sheets to the cutting system, which cuts them to the desired length. The PU injection machine then injects polyurethane foam between the two metal sheets to create the sandwich panel.

The laminating system then presses the panel to ensure proper bonding and curing of the polyurethane foam. The finished panels can be cut to the desired size and shape for construction and other applications.

Overall, a PU sandwich panel machine is a highly efficient and automated production line that allows for the mass production of insulated sandwich panels for a wide range of applications.

PU Sandwich Panel Line Products
  • PU / PIR Continuous Sandwich Panel Production LinePU / PIR Continuous Sandwich Panel Production Line2020/08/03The product of PU / PIR Continuous Sandwich Panel Machine is a new type building material, which has the function such as good flame retarding, keep warm, heat insulation, sound insulation, waterproof, handiness, environmental protection and so on.
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