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Structure and Characteristics of Polyurethane Sandwich Panel Production Line

Structure and Characteristics of Polyurethane Sandwich Panel Production Line

Structure and Characteristics of Polyurethane Sandwich Panel Production Line


polyurethane sandwich panel manufacturing line complete equipment, mainly consisting of open system, film cutting system, molding machine system, steel preheating furnace, high-pressure foaming system, double-track system, double-track heating system, cutting system, horizontal cooling system, stacking system, packaging system and other equipment. The article introduces the open machine system:

  • The function of starting and stopping of the polyurethane sandwich panel manufacturing line is realized by hydraulic cantilever tightening, mainly used for feeding and recycling of the coil. The lifting car transports the coil to the open machine, and the material is loaded and unloaded through the lifting mechanism. The opening of the unwinding motion axis is raised in the form of an inclined motion, and the hydraulic cylinder adjusts the center of the coil. The inner surface belt on the core shaft can be installed with different specifications of pads to meet the requirements of different diameter coils. The motor is driven to realize the opening of the plate and can also be used for the recovery of the plate.

  • The polyurethane sandwich panel manufacturing line includes two unwinding machines, each of which is composed of a material rack and a trolley.

The Main Structure of the Polyurethane Sandwich Panel Production line

Unwinding Machine Structure

The unwinding machine is driven by a hydraulic motor and driven by a main shaft with a sprocket to make the coil rotate along the main shaft, thereby achieving the purpose of active unwinding. The base and frame of the unwinding machine are welded with rectangular pipes to ensure the rigidity of the equipment. The opening of the unwinding machine is expanded by a cylinder with a rotating distributor. The distributor slides with an inclined slender piece, which firmly fixes the coil on the open frame.

When the main shaft rotates forward, the steel coil rolls forward. The pressing mechanism swings the pressing arm by the cylinder. When the cylinder rises, the pressing arm is released; when the cylinder descends, the pressing arm is pressured. When the involute is opened, the opening of the unwinding machine is completed by pushing and pulling the hydraulic cylinder and linearly moving on the guide rail. This function is generally used for center adjustment and replacement of plate size specifications in the production line.

Lifting Car Structure

The lifting car walks along the guide rail by the chain wheel driven by the hydraulic motor. The lifting mechanism completes the up and down material movement by the hydraulic cylinder through the connecting rod. The lifting platform and walking platform are welded with rectangular pipes and steel plates, which are compact and beautiful. The lifting car has random parking and self-locking protection when moving laterally and vertically.

Features of the Polyurethane Sandwich Panel Production line

  • Simple structure, easy to load and unload. The bending machine frame is welded with integral profiles, and the shaft material is made of high-quality structural steel after heat treatment. The steel is sufficient to bear the weight of 10T coils, and other products are supported in the form of intermediate supports, with a simple and reasonable structure and easy loading and unloading of coils.

  • Using hydraulic micro-adjustment to eliminate radial flow. The unwinding machine frame is equipped with a hydraulic trimming machine, which makes the center of the coil consistent with the center of the production line and eliminates the possibility of poor forming effect due to inconsistent center of the coil and forming center.

  • Utilizing the function of hydraulic unloading pressure, the material is tightened after being tightly packed, reducing energy loss.

  • The fork design adopts a parallel connecting rod mechanism, with a compact structure, stable operation, and the hoist uses a mechanical block to protect with small impact force.

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