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How to Maintain the Cold Roll Forming Machine?

How to Maintain the Cold Roll Forming Machine?

How to Maintain the Cold Roll Forming Machine?


As the service life of the cold roll forming machine increases, it is inevitable that the problem of equipment aging and wear will occur. This requires us to fully maintain the forming machinery and equipment of the cold roll forming machine to ensure the stability of its work and avoid mechanical problems caused by the cold roll forming equipment to affect daily work.

1. How to maintain the cold roll forming machine

1) Maintenance of the cold roll forming machine requires regular maintenance in accordance with the corresponding maintenance specifications. Even if the working condition is good, it needs to be maintained and taken care of to prevent mechanical failures and ensure smooth progress.

2) During the maintenance of cold roll forming machine, the parts with serious wear should be replaced even if they are found to be worn out. Regular maintenance personnel need to maintain the machinery, such as adding lubricating oil, and prevent the equipment from oxidation and rust, mainly in the case of long-term idle. Doing the detailed maintenance work is very beneficial to the normal operation of the machine, and it can also be carried out smoothly.

2. The development of cold roll forming machine technology at this stage

At this stage, the technological innovation of China's cold roll forming machine is mainly in the stage of absorption, imitation and integration, and there are few original innovations and independent innovations. Insufficient attention has been paid to basic research and technological research. China's cold-formed steel equipment is simple, the technical equipment is backward, and the unit equipment is not matched. Existing production equipment is difficult to produce high-quality products with special requirements.

Compared with ordinary steel structures, cold-formed steel has many special conditions, such as cold-formed effect, local buckling and super-buckling of plates and material requirements. Therefore, there are many technical problems for this type of structure that need to be further studied.

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