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Future Development Trend of Cold Roll Forming Machine

Future Development Trend of Cold Roll Forming Machine

Future Development Trend of Cold Roll Forming Machine


As one of the categories of steel deep processing, the cold-formed steel industry is not only cold-formed (rolled) forming, but also a cross-industry and interdisciplinary comprehensive industry integrating welding, punching, heat treatment and other processes.

Among the cold-formed products, the output of welded round pipes is the largest with more than 60 million tons in China while the profiled plates and materials are also developing rapidly with wide range of applications in the fields of automobiles, bridges, logistics, energy and machinery.

With the development of economy, there will be more extensive application space for cold-formed profiles in various industries in the future. Therefore, there is also more demand for equipment automation and the application of new processes and technologies. The fine development prospects of cold forming industry mainly reflect in the following aspects.

1. The improvement of technical equipment level. In recent years, the technical equipment level of cold roll forming machine has been continuously improved. Each enterprise through independent research and development or the introduction of advanced equipment continues to improve their equipment level and technology to achieve the goal of high efficiency production of high-quality products.

2. Strengthening of industry communication and information sharing. The development of the cold-formed industry has intensified competition among enterprises which has brought two benefits to the development of the industry, one to promote the development of the industry, and the other to accelerate the withdrawal of backward enterprises pace. Years of competition have made companies realize that they need to communicate and share information between industries to give full play to their advantages and promote the overall progress of the industry.

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