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Why is Cold Roll Forming Machine More Widely Used?

Why is Cold Roll Forming Machine More Widely Used?

Why is Cold Roll Forming Machine More Widely Used?


The cold roll forming machine is also called steel refrigerated bending section equipment or cold bending section equipment, which refers to sections of various cross-sectional shapes and sizes made by bending hot-rolled or cold-rolled strip steel as blanks.

1. Why are the cold roll forming machines widely used?

The reason why the cold roll forming machine of Zhejiang Jinggong Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is widely used depends on its excellent properties.

For example, in terms of variety alone, the types of cold roll forming machines can be described as "extremely many types". The products on the market can be described as diverse, and the powder standards are also different.

The traditional classification is based on cross-sections. For example, there are open type, closed type, or square tube type. There are also powder based on the length, width and height of the section. The so-called angle steel and channel steel of the cold roll forming machine are all extended types of cold-formed steel. Due to its wide variety, its uses are naturally quite wide

2. What aspects are used in the cold roll forming machine?

Since there are so many types of cold roll forming machines, what aspects are they used? In fact, it is not difficult to observe carefully, in daily life, industrial production, transportation construction and housing construction, cold roll forming machines are everywhere.

Cold roll forming machine is a common light steel, which can be processed thin, and can also be molded into different shapes, whether it is agricultural appliances or home decoration, it can be used. At the same time, the cold roll forming machine is a typical energy-saving steel material with low carbon molecule content, which is a green material and has minimal environmental pollution.

It is worth noting that although the cold roll forming machine has a wide range of applications, it is currently not particularly prominent in the field of high technology. The improvement of production technology has not kept up with the pace, and the operation of traditional production projects is half-dead. The civilian market has basically reached saturation, and the prospects for industrial applications are worrying, especially the applications in high-tech fields that need to be expanded urgently.

Even so, the potential market for cold roll forming machines is huge. As long as the technical level is slightly improved and repeated production is reduced, it will shine in the foreseeable future.

In fact, to trace the application of the cold roll forming machine, we have to start from the United States in 1992. A hurricane dumped countless houses and killed countless people. Later, people repeatedly searched for the cause and found that the houses used at that time had just been demolished. It is the traditional reinforced concrete, and the wind resistance of the house is quite weak. It is from that time that the new type of cold roll machine began to be gradually used in the construction industry, and then gradually spread to all aspects of life.

Counting from 1992 to now, the wide application of cold roll forming machines has roughly a history of more than 20 years. These 20 years are enough for a product to penetrate people's lives.

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