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Future Development Prospect of Rollforming Machinery

Future Development Prospect of Rollforming Machinery

Future Development Prospect of Rollforming Machinery


1. Improvement of rollforming machinery technical level

In recent years, the technology and rollforming machinery level of the cold roll forming industry have been continuously improved. Combined with the situation of their own factories, through independent research and development or the introduction of advanced equipment, the enterprises have continuously improved their equipment level, production process and technical ability, which has promoted the development of a number of high-speed roll forming machine. Scale, efficiency and intensification are gradually improved, thus achieving the goal of high efficiency and high-quality production.

2. Establishment of rollforming machinery industry research platform

With the great development of the cold roll forming industry, it is urgent to strengthen the research on the basic theory of cold roll forming section steel, so as to adapt to the continuous development of production practice and provide theoretical guidance for production practice. In this situation, some enterprises have concentrated their superior resources, started to set up their own scientific research platform, made use of their own experience, and focused on strengthening the theoretical research of cold forming and the research and development of special-shaped complex section steel, in order to gain advantages in the fierce market competition.

3. Strengthening of rollforming machinery industry exchange and information sharing

The rapid development of cold roll forming machine and cold roll forming industry, to a certain extent, intensifies the competition among enterprises; and the direct consequence of competition, one is to promote the development of the industry, the other is to accelerate the pace of backward enterprises to exit, which provides convenient conditions for the industry's resource restructuring. After years of development and competition, many enterprises with the same strength have realized that competition is not as good as harmony, and it is better to strengthen communication and sharing than to block information. Enterprises must unite to participate in the competition on the world stage. In this situation, China cold bending association has organized domestic enterprises to study in the United States, Japan, Germany, Norway, Sweden and other countries and regions many times, which not only enables enterprises to learn the advanced experience of the same industry abroad, appreciate the advanced level of the world cold roll forming industry, and broaden their horizons, but also strengthens the information exchange among enterprises in the activities, so as to build a resource sharing platform for enterprises Platform. The association also holds regular industry meetings to solicit opinions and suggestions from enterprises on the association and the development of the industry, so as to give full play to the advantages of enterprises and promote the overall progress of the industry. Many enterprises actively participate in both study tours and industry meetings, and can actively apply what they have learned to production practice, which promotes the development of enterprises.

4. Strengthen specialization in rollforming machinery industry

At present, the cold-formed steel manufacturers are no longer limited to the idea of seeking large and complete in the past. Instead, they pursue small and fine, and the specialization is becoming more and more obvious. Some manufacturers specialize in small-scale precision tubes, some in special-shaped tubes, and some in large-scale cold-formed steel. They have strengthened their characteristic management in their respective fields, consolidated their professional competitive advantages, and made remarkable achievements.

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