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Answer Several Questions About Roll Forming Equipment

Answer Several Questions About Roll Forming Equipment

Answer Several Questions About Roll Forming Equipment


Here are some answers to several questions about roll forming equipment.

1. Is there any connection between cold bending and rollforming equipment?

Although these are two different devices, they are still related in some respects. Because, the CNC automated cold roll forming machine can also be regarded as the CNC and automation of the rollforming equipment. In other words, it is through automation to connect roll forming, uncoiling, cutting and bending, etc., so as to realize cold bending forming.

2. Will rollforming equipment be used in the production of photovoltaic stents?

The production process of photovoltaic brackets is: unwinding and leveling, servo feeding, punching, roll forming, cutting, cut-to-length receiving, and finished product. So, in this one, it will be used.

3. Is there a difference in technology between rollforming equipment and extrusion forming equipment?

The answer to this question is different. However, from another perspective, they also have similarities. For example, rolling and extrusion, these two processes will not change the physical properties of the material. Generally speaking, if the material is relatively thin, it is rolled, otherwise it is squeezed.

4. To ensure that the cold rollforming machine is in the best condition to achieve the best processing effect, what measures can we take?

(1) For the selection of the key and important parts of the cold roll forming machine, such as rolls, the material must have good wear resistance, high hardness and strength to ensure the stability of the equipment operation. In addition, during use, the direction of its swing should be reasonably controlled.

(2) The processing accuracy of the cold roll forming machine must be ensured, and the radial runout of the spindle must be well controlled.

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