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What Are the Composition and Structure of PU Sandwich Panel Production Line?

What Are the Composition and Structure of PU Sandwich Panel Production Line?

What Are the Composition and Structure of PU Sandwich Panel Production Line?


What is the PU sandwich panel production line?

The PU sandwich panel production line is an automated device that can efficiently produce beautifully shaped and diverse polyurethane sandwich panels continuously. The sandwich panel production line has the advantages of high durability, easy management, technology comparable to advanced European companies, and competitive prices, and is an excellent equipment exported to Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Russia and other regions as well as the domestic market, which have been well received by customers.

Our PU sandwich panels have high strength and durable insulation. In addition, we use PIR (polyisocyanurate) with flame retardancy, so the panels have high flame retardancy. Moreover, the HCFC-14b blowing device and pentane environmental protection material will provide a safer and better environment, making it a "green" device.

What are the components of the PU sandwich panel production line?

The PU sandwich panel line consists of an unwinding machine for input and release of coils, a rolling molding device that shapes the coils, a PU molding device that sprays PU solution, a laminating device that shapes the sandwich panel, a panel cutting device that cuts the sandwich into shape, a cooling conveying unit, an automatic stacking unit for loading finished panels, and a packaging unit for packaging the loaded panels with plastic film.

Unwinding machine and inlet parts

The unwinding machine is a feeding device that stabilizes the coil into the upper and lower parts of the sandwich panel. The core rod type hydraulic automatic operation is convenient and precise. The 2+2 system production equipment unit does not need to stop to load new coil groups, which is conducive to continuous high-capacity sheet production.

Rolling molding machine

It is a device that continuously forms the sandwich panel when the steel coil fed from the unwinding machine is joined between the upper and lower parts of the metal roller. Typically, it creates beautiful and delicate shapes of various wall and roof type panels. It adopts card-type and rail-wheel design, which can be easily changed to make different shapes.

Polyurethane foaming system

It consists of a nozzle and pump that spray polyurethane solution, a tank that stores solution, various catalysts and gases, and a crossbeam that can evenly spray polyurethane solution. The design of this device takes into account high precision and maintenance reliability. Equipped with a convenient control panel, which allows users to control various data required for the foaming process. It is also equipped with a convenient control panel that allows you to easily adjust the various data required for the baking process.

Overlay unit

It is a device that applies constant pressure and heat to the upper and lower steel plates of the polyurethane foam to form a sandwich panel. Its structure is perfectly designed with stiffness and durability, as well as side retaining blocks that can quickly replace products.

Panel cutting unit

A device that uses saws to cut the laminated plate made in the laminating unit into the length required by the user. Different types of cutting such as rotary cutting and saw cutting have been developed to meet customer needs.

Panel cooling conveying unit

If the polyurethane sandwich panel is thick, it may take some time to fully harden. The cooling conveyor can leave enough time for the panel to fully harden before stacking and packaging the panel.

Automatic stacking machine

As an automatic stacking device for finished products, it can continuously load the required quantity for users through vacuum suction plate or lifting conveyor mode. For roofing materials, cross-stacking can be used if necessary.

Panel packaging unit

A device that packages the panels loaded onto the automatic stacking unit with plastic film and packs them in 4 or 6 sides. The tray system is used to automatically insert EPS blocks, which is convenient for transporting and storing panels.

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