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The Working Principle and Characteristics of Metal Forming Machine

The Working Principle and Characteristics of Metal Forming Machine

The Working Principle and Characteristics of Metal Forming Machine


Ⅰ. Working principle of metal forming machine

The metal forming machine is composed of two squeezing wheels that rotate in synchronization with each other, one is a fixed roller and the other is a movable roller.

The material of the metal forming machine is fed from above the two rollers, and is continuously carried between the rollers by the squeeze roller. After being subjected to a high pressure of 50-100MPa, it becomes a dense cake and is discharged from the bottom of the machine. The discharged cake contains a certain proportion of fine-grained finished products, and a large number of cracks are generated inside the non-finished particles. During the further crushing process, the grinding energy consumption can be greatly reduced.

Ⅱ. Main features of metal forming machine

1. Equipped with metal forming equipment in the grinding system can make full use of the production capacity of the grinding equipment. Generally, the output can be increased by 30%-40%, and the total energy consumption can be reduced by 20%-30%.

2. The metal forming machine is compact in structure, light in weight and small in size. For the grinding system with the same production capacity requirements, equipping the metal forming machine can significantly save investment.

3. The metal forming machine has simple structure, small space occupation, and convenient operation and maintenance.

4. Compared with other grinding equipment, the metal forming machine has less dust, low noise, and greatly improves the working environment.

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