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The Use and Notice of Cold Roll Forming Machine

The Use and Notice of Cold Roll Forming Machine

The Use and Notice of Cold Roll Forming Machine


The characteristics of the cold roll forming machine have been introduced, which makes us have some knowledge and understanding of the machine and equipment. But for us, only understanding these is far from enough. We also need to know more about the cold roll forming machine, so that we can have a comprehensive understanding of this field as soon as possible and increase our knowledge.

1. The use of cold roll forming machine

(1) Before starting to work, check the power supply, motor oil pump, pressure gauge, overflow valve, electro-hydraulic valve and inching switch of the machine to see if they are normal and if there are any problems. If there are any, deal with them to ensure the smooth operation of the rollforming machinery.

(2) Inching the motor to check whether its rotation direction is correct.

(3) The motor can be started only after all the above items are checked. Adjust the oil pressure to 10MPa, and then take a test run for about three minutes. If there are no problems, we can officially start work.

(4) Machinery and equipment should be installed on a solid foundation, and should be flat.

(5) Before use, add oil and hydraulic oil, and then change it regularly.

2. The notice of cold roll forming machine

(1) Correctly use machinery and equipment, operate in accordance with the provisions of the requirements, comply with the operating procedures and safety operating procedures.

(2) If there is no oil in the oil tank of the cold roll forming machine, it is forbidden to start the motor to avoid damage. The oil in the oil tank should be sufficient. If the oil is insufficient, it should be added in time.

(3) The lubrication of the equipment should be kept in good condition, so it should be checked frequently.

(4) If the machine and equipment are not used for a long time, the rust prevention work should be done in advance to prevent the machine from rusting.

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