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The Characteristics, Advantages, and Production Technology of Rock Wool Production Line

The Characteristics, Advantages, and Production Technology of Rock Wool Production Line

The Characteristics, Advantages, and Production Technology of Rock Wool Production Line


Characteristics and Advantages of Rock Wool Production Line

High-quality rock wool production lineboards have a more competitive price and better quality guarantee, so it is important to choose the right one. Rock wool board is a building insulation material with the characteristics of heat insulation, flame retardancy, and sound absorption. Moreover, this product has lower usage cost, so it needs to be given more attention.

Of course, there are obvious price differences between rock wool boards of different production levels, and the performance of rockwool production linecan also have more differences during use. Therefore, it is important to make a reasonable choice, which can ultimately lead to better quality assurance. These are all aspects that deserve more attention.

In summary, choosing high-quality rockwool production line manufacturers’ products can lead to better quality and greatly improved reliability. After all, the scope of application of rock wool insulation materials is wider, and the customer requirements are also higher, so it is important to make a better choice, which will ultimately lead to better quality assurance.

Production Process of Rock Wool Production Line

The rock wool production line is composed of batching process equipment, sol process equipment, fiberization process equipment, solidification process equipment, post-processing process equipment, and circulating water system, hot air circulation system, compressed air pipeline system, low-voltage distribution, and resin preparation equipment.

The production process of the rockwool production line is as follows: 

Using glass as the main raw material, and adding other various auxiliary materials according to a certain proportion, it is melted fully in a glass melting furnace. The melted solution flows out through the leak plate into a centrifuge. Under the high-speed centrifugation, the glass is spun into fine streams, and under the action of high-temperature and high-speed flames, the glass fine streams are further stretched into fibers. Then, spray the bonding agent and under the negative pressure wind of the collection cotton net belt, the fibers with the attached resin bonding agent are deposited on the moving net belt, forming a uniform cotton felt. After that, the fixed temperature curing furnace is used to complete the curing process, the product is shaped, and after cutting, it becomes the pre-designed product, and then is packaged.

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