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Technology and Application of Sandwich Panel Machinery

Technology and Application of Sandwich Panel Machinery

Technology and Application of Sandwich Panel Machinery


The sandwich panel machinery adopts a roller pressing process. The product completes the sandwich panel production of the whole board at one time from the insulation layer, the spreading, the main material, the compounding, and the repressing. The equipment has a high degree of automation, convenient operation, and stable operation. Products of different specifications and materials can be produced according to clients' requirements. The surface of the product is smooth, flat, and dense, which completely changes the cumbersome construction process of the expanded polystyrene board thin plaster external wall insulation project, and improves the construction speed and economic benefits.

Based on the advantages of advanced production lines at home and abroad, Jinggong Machine has developed a product that can produce various sandwich panels with high refractory materials as core materials. And combined with the corrugated molding machine, the continuous production of various corrugated roofing sandwich panels with polystyrene and high refractory materials such as asbestos as the core material can be realized.

We produce presses in large quantities throughout the year to ensure the forming quality of the corrugated board. And we guarantee the machining accuracy and service life of each part of the production line, making it the best production line in the industry.

The technology of the sandwich panel machinery includes unwinding, corrugated forming, beading, gluing, heating, compounding, crimping, grooving, edge trimming, edge banding, cutting, etc. The main machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, and the thickness of the sandwich panel is electrically adjustable up and down. The composite shaft is made of an iron shaft with outer rubber, which is anti-wear and anti-skid.

The total power of the full set of rock wool foam dual-use sandwich panel production line is 33 kilowatts. The total length is 40 meters, with the production speed of 0-20 meters per minute, the thickness of the pressable plate of 0.1-0.5mm, and the thickness of the product of 50mm-300mm.

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