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Rock Wool Production Line Manufacturing Process and Matters Needing Attention in Use

Rock Wool Production Line Manufacturing Process and Matters Needing Attention in Use

Rock Wool Production Line Manufacturing Process and Matters Needing Attention in Use


Recently, we have sorted out a note on the use of rock wool production line products, hoping to help you correctly use the rock wool insulation products.

Ⅰ. Why does Insulation on External Wall crack in the process of rock wool production line manufacturing products?

Most of this is due to improper installation of Insulation on the External Wall. If it is not installed properly, when it encounters the change of temperature difference or is affected by the outside sun and rain, its finishing layer will crack. The appearance of cracking not only affects the appearance of, rock wool lines production of rock wool board insulation effect but is also greatly reduced.

Therefore, in order to thoroughly solve this kind of problem, we must first do a good job in the grass-roots treatment during the construction, and the grass-roots level is flat and clean in order to ensure the good adhesion of the insulation layer. Secondly, after the thermal insulation layer is checked and accepted, we can start the construction, and we should choose the material with an anti-cracking effect to construct, and we must remember to paste a layer of mesh yarn, so as to ensure the reliability and stability of the whole thermal insulation system.

Ⅱ. What is the use of products made by rock wool production line?

Rock wool board produced by rock wool production line is the most commonly used thermal insulation material, which can be used for building exterior wall or roofing, and sometimes for interior decoration. In addition to providing good heat preservation and energy saving, it can also effectively absorb sound and reduce shock.

In order to ensure the heat preservation effect of rock wool board after construction, attention should be paid to the specification and strict acceptance during installation. Compared with other similar thermal insulation materials, rock wool production line production of rock wool board thermal insulation effect is more ideal, and rock wool slitting machine production is also relatively simple. Like other exterior wall thermal insulation panels, staggered pasting and anchorage should be carried out. Remember to strengthen the cracking prevention treatment in the same way as the problem-1 treatment.

Ⅲ. Rock wool production line manufacturing process

Compared with other production lines, the production process of, the rockwool sandwich panel production line is very simple, as long as there is one condition: under the condition of hot pressing equipment for rock wool composite board, some other brightly colored rocks are melted and remelted in a high-temperature furnace, and then the rock wool felt is glued into the desired shape with an adhesive. This is the whole process of making rock wool products. Of course, the whole process is inseparable from the mineral wool production line, which can not only save time but also save labour costs.

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