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Profile and Process Characteristics of Roll Forming Equipment

Profile and Process Characteristics of Roll Forming Equipment

Profile and Process Characteristics of Roll Forming Equipment


The roll forming of the roll forming equipment is to continuously bend the coils, strips and other metal plates and strips laterally through the multi-pass forming rolls arranged in sequence to form profiles with specific cross-sections.

1. What is the applicable forming process of roll forming equipment?

The roll forming process is suitable for the production of large batches of equal cross-section long workpieces, especially for products with an annual output of millions of pieces. The roll forming process is beneficial and economic benefits are also considerable. At the same time, it can also be combined with a variety of processes to form a continuous production line.

2. Advantages of using roll forming equipment

Rollforming equipment adopts motors, frequency converters and high-hardness press rolls, and inclined blocks mechanically adjust the gap, used for pole piece roll forming. It has the advantages of low energy consumption and high efficiency, and is safe, simple to use, and convenient to maintain. It consists of unwinding, rolling parts, safety protection devices and related electrical components. The whole machine is driven by a motor; the main control parts include start and stop buttons, forward and reverse adjustments, speed adjustments and indicator lights. Get more information about cold roll forming machine and get price.

3. Process characteristics of roll forming equipment

The roll forming equipment is the same as the double-drive roll press in the process of operation. To a certain extent, one is a fixed roll and the other is a movable roll. The two rolls have the same speed and are completely synchronized and run relative to each other. The material enters from the upper feed throat, and is squeezed and crushed by high pressure in the gap between the two rollers.

To a certain extent, the roller forming equipment only uses the fixed roller to transmit power, and the power consumption of the whole equipment is low. The movement of the moving roller is transmitted by the fixed roller through the tooth system to achieve complete synchronization. It solves the defect of severe wear of the roller due to sliding extrusion; the pressure regulating system adopts a combined spring, which has a low failure rate. The content of fine powder with a discharge particle size of <0.08mm can reach more than 30%, and the material with 2mm can reach 80% . In addition, there are a large number of cracks in all extruded material particles, and the specific surface area is significantly increased, which greatly improves the grinding condition of the subsequent ball mill system, thereby greatly reducing the power consumption of the grinding system. Therefore, the effect of energy saving and emission reduction has been achieved, and the economic benefits have been greatly increased.

The rolling deformation of the rolling forming equipment is linear contact, and to a certain extent, it is continuous and stepwise. The deformation force required in the entire equipment is small. Generally, one stroke can produce one or several workpieces. Compared with the cutting and grinding processes, the forming process not only has high production efficiency, saves materials, but also has high product strength and stable quality.

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