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Features and Application of PU Sandwich Panel Production Line

Features and Application of PU Sandwich Panel Production Line

Features and Application of PU Sandwich Panel Production Line


PU Sandwich Panel Production Line

This PU sandwich panel line is used to produce Polyurethane Sandwich Panels from Polyurethane foam and fiberboard. Our polyurethane sandwich panel line is designed with a core of polyurethane, which has good insulation, and sound insulation, and does not help combustion. Polyurethane sandwich panels have high strength and stiffness and are easy to install. With lower plate smoothness, clear lines and increased interior aesthetics as well as flatness, polyurethane sandwich panels are easily processed and a new type of raw materials for the construction industry, shipbuilding, vehicle manufacturing, furniture industry and electrical industry.

Typical applications of PU sandwich panel machine China include new construction, renovation and retrofit projects such as residential, commercial, industrial and government buildings such as hospitals, hotels, office buildings, warehouses and cruise ships.

Polyurethane PU Sandwich Panel

Polyurethane PU Sandwich Panel is one of the most commonly used building materials because it has a very wide application range and high thermal insulation properties. Sandwich panel China can be used for various electrical insulation materials such as equipment insulation materials in power generation equipment; Flame retardant and fireproof insulating material; Housing construction and decoration materials; etc. Because the materials are environmentally friendly and sustainable, they can gradually reduce their use of conventional foam board materials.

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