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Detailed Introduction of the Main Equipment of Rock Wool Production Line

Detailed Introduction of the Main Equipment of Rock Wool Production Line

Detailed Introduction of the Main Equipment of Rock Wool Production Line


Ⅰ. Rock wool production line products have a wide range of applications

Rock wool production line products have very small thermal conductivity, and its fibrous structure makes its weight very small, so it is widely used in a variety of industrial equipment, construction fields, including thermal insulation and fire prevention of ship facilities. Rock wool board is made of various inorganic non-metallic materials. Rock wool board used in buildings actually has very good fireproof performance and sound absorption performance. It is mainly used in the thermal insulation and sound insulation of the outer walls of buildings and some roofs. Rock wool is also used in electric power, petroleum, metallurgy and other industries. 

II. Introduction of the main equipment of rock wool board production line

1. Founding part. 

The rock wool board production line founding part is composed of furnace, four roller centrifuge, feeder and so on. 

Furnace, is an equipment for melting rock (slag), and its furnace body is equipped with a cooling water circulation system to ensure the safety of furnace; it is equipped with a hot air system preheated by its own furnace temperature, so that the equipment can effectively save energy, using a single-row multi-hole structure, and is equipped with volume damper, to operate conveniently. 

The tank furnace is built with refractory material, and the natural gas is sprayed into the pool by a spray gun to melt the raw material. 

Four roller centrifuge is the main equipment for the production of rock wool and slag wool. The four roller centrifuge of, rock wool board production line is split, and the position of the roller can be adjusted. It has the characteristics of reliable work, high efficiency, good fiber quality, convenient maintenance and so on. 

2. Rock wool board production line collector cabinet equipment. 

The collector cabinet equipment adopts the vertical cotton collecting function. The lava stream is swung into fiber by the centrifugal wire thrower and blown into the cotton collector, and the negative pressure wind pulls the fiber onto the net belt to form the original felt. 

The net belt conveys the raw felt to the pendulum cloth machine for swinging cotton, and the thickness of the cotton layer is uniform, which can obviously improve the quality of the products. 

3. Rock wool board production line board part. 

The board-making part is composed of cotton cloth machine, petrified forging, cooling cutter bar, main power, hot air stove and so on. 

(1) petrified forging. 

Petrified forging is an equipment for forming products. The raw felt after swinging cloth is transported to petrified forging through the cloth machine and runs forward between the upper and lower chain belts. The hot fan blows hot air into the cotton felt in petrified forging to make it petrified. 

(2) cutter bar. 

The function of Cutter bar is to cut the products after petrified, first longitudinally, then horizontally.

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