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Brief Introduction of the Main Structure and Technology of Rock Wool Board System of Rock Wool Production Line

Brief Introduction of the Main Structure and Technology of Rock Wool Board System of Rock Wool Production Line

Brief Introduction of the Main Structure and Technology of Rock Wool Board System of Rock Wool Production Line


1. The main structure of rock wool production line's rock wool board system

The rock wool board of rock wool production line is mainly composed of bonding layer, insulation layer, plastering layer, finishing layer and auxiliary materials. The bonding layer belongs to the building and is located between the bottom layer and the surface layer. The upper and lower layers are mainly bonded together by cementitious materials, and the fillers are mainly from inorganic materials.

In order to avoid and reduce the heat loss of the steam turbine to the environment, the thermal insulation layer laid on the outer surface of the steam turbine and pipe is mainly filled with a specific amount of organic matter, water and adhesive.

Finish coat should be made of lightweight functional coatings (such as finishing coating mortar and decorative mortar) or water-based exterior wall paint with good air permeability, so that the rock wool board of rock wool production line can maintain its lightweight properties and increase its aesthetics. Accessories mainly use a variety of coatings. Increase the surface color of rock wool composite board so that it can be used in any environment, and sometimes it can be flame retardant and heat preservation.

2. Brief Analysis of rock wool production line process

Rockwool sandwich panel production line to mineral fiber cotton (containing fly ash wool, basalt wool and cinder wool) as the main raw materials, it uses electronic metering automatic feeding system to add raw materials to the closed furnace for melting, through the centrifuge fiber, add appropriate amount of binder, through the brocade machine, pendulum cloth machine, pleating prepress into the curing furnace plate, and then after cooling, cutting, waste recycling, automatic coding machine, packaging to complete the production of products.

3. The main characteristics of rock wool production line

Smooth operation, long life; Rockwool machine only needs a small amount of maintenance services; low energy consumption; rock wool waste edge can be recycled; production automation.

Rock wool sandwich panel line is a continuous transformation based on the original technology and combined with production experience. After long-term use by users, the production capacity is obviously increased, the comprehensive cost is obviously reduced, the operation of the equipment production process is stable, the environmental protection treatment is more clean and stable, and the overall performance is at a higher level.

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